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Alanah RaeAlanah Rae: Mini Biography And Filmograph

Alanah Rae, Elizabeth Collman by birth, was born on the 9th of February 1988 in Freehold, New Jersey. Alanah is a porn actress with blue eyes and blond hair. In addition, she stands 5’7’’, weighs 130 pounds and with Caucasian ethnicity. Her double D’s make porn lovers want her even more. Some of Alanah’s aliases include Scarlett Dreams and NKA. She has a tattoo on her upper back and some piercings in different parts of the body including ear, navel and tongue. Alanah is currently residing in Studio City, CA.

Alanah Rae likes to be filmed while having sex. With her pleasure, she has made films with excellent results knowing that she is not afraid or shy about this matter. Since she loves to have sex while people are filming her, she makes her films more exciting. For her, it is not about the camera that matters, it is about the cameramen and the fact that she will be seen by so many people all over the world.

Alanah Reah As Supergirl

Alanah Rae is a passionate, sex-loving babe who stars in the movie ‘Supergirl’. This movie is about the young sexiest superhero from another planet who hardly escapes the destruction of her home planet. However, this young superhero encounters the greatest challenge, which is the Sorority Life. This supergirl tries to pass herself off as being human with, of course, the help of other characters- her cousin Superman and her bff, Barbara Gordon. The Queen Bitch of the Sorority (Tri-Pi Sorority) is Natasha Luthor as someone that stands on her way. Natasha is played by Andy San Dimas, a German and Native American.  Dale DaBone, an American actor, director and even stunt rider plays the cousin of Alanah in the movie while Sunny Lane, a roller skater and ice skater plays the best friend of Alanah in ‘Supergirl’. In the plan of the Queen Bitch for world domination, the supergirl is considered the last piece of the puzzle.

Other Videos Of Alanah Rae

Alanah Rae has done several videos and made scenes including hardcore and threesome actions. This Aquarius stunner has appeared in videos such as:

  • In 2010, some of Alanah’s videos include ‘Pornstar Athletics 3’, ‘This Butt’s 4U 6’ and ‘Boob Bangers 8’.
  • In year 2011: ‘The Masseuse’, ‘Double Vision 3’, ‘The Orgasm’, ‘Jerkoff Material 6’, ‘Bra Busters 2’, ‘Supergirl XXX’, ‘In a Glimpse’, ‘Busty Anal Beauties: POV+’, ‘Lex the Impaler 7’, ‘Bad Girls 7’, ‘Mandingo: Massacre’, ‘Mandingo: Hide Your Wives!’ And ‘Swallowed Alive’.
  • In year 2012, Alanah has appeared in the videos ‘Venus in Furs’, Filthy Cocksucking Auditions’ and ‘Girlfriends 4’.

Alanah Rae has twitter, MySpace and an official website. For those who want to follow and are interested in Alanah, they can find her via the internet. Fortunately, the existence of the World Wide Web makes it easier and more convenient for adult film lovers to cater their pleasure just by clicking. Her performances can provide satisfying results for the adult film lovers in the world. With her skills, talents and charming personality, Alanah is considered one of the hottest porn actresses that are loved by many people.


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Alanah Rae

Birthdate February 9, 1988
Country United States
Profession Porn Star
Weight Alanah weight59 kg (or 130 lbs )
Height 170 cm – 5 feet and 7 inches
Hair Color Alanah’s hair is Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Boobs 34D
Tattoos Alanah has a single tattoo on upper back
Piercings Tongue, ear and navel

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